Easy Zodiac Star Signs Daily + App Reviews

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To bad

To bad it started out alright, but now it doesnt even know what day it is.


The best horoscope app thus far. Not only does it speak truth about the place youre in in life so prophetically.. But it also enlightens you on the things you need change.. It opens your mind to change.


I like the app but it could use some work like making everything more easy to access and more understanding also the apps a bit laggy. But its good.

Fun and Interesting

Its always fun and interesting to see how something so general can relate to yourself.


Great app, easy to use

Sweet app

Loved this app, so accurate


I really like it,I use it everyday


BEST APP EVER omg this is actually a great app thats actually accurate every day it can also help you through out the day!!

To abstract and not relevant

No likely


Its really fun and awesome

Great prospective!

Cute too Haha love the snow.

Good app

Love checking this app


This app is amazing cause it can tell the future lol jk


Its so weird, how it can actually predict your tomorrows 0.0 I love it, the apps awesome!


Love this app strangely accurate!


This is great !

Great app

Really fun

Nice and simple.

The little extras are nice. You can turn off the overlay if you wish.


I like this app it works for me

Keeps you thinking

Very Accurate, weird

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